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It’s in the Structure – Predicting Bitcoins via Social Media

Yes, social media can predict returns in financial markets – as we discussed in a previous post. The general mechanism: investors gather information via social media, or social media captures their attention. Social media as a news channel? But which… Continue Reading →

No Early Weekends: Busting the Friday Effect Myth

They say a Friday can make or break your stardom in Hollywood. However, in the world of financial markets, Fridays are slow – or at least appear to be. In a previous post, we looked into how firms hide bad… Continue Reading →

Hiding Bad News Is Easy When Investors Pay No Attention!

Who doesn’t love the spotlight? Like (almost) everyone else, CEOs like public attention. But what about times when firms have to release bad news? Then, CEOs, and management in general, may be glad of low attention in the markets. If… Continue Reading →

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