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Niedrigzins und Anlagenotstand – Bausparen als sinnvolle Alternative?

Im aktuellen Niedrigzinsumfeld suchen viele Anleger nach risikoarmen und trotzdem ertragsstarken Anlagemöglichkeiten. Als Finanzwissenschaftler wissen wir: Es gibt nur für die Übernahme von Risiken eine Überrendite über den risikofreien Zins. Viele Investoren zieht es in Immobilien – und man hört… Continue Reading →

Analyst Biases

In a previous post, we discussed differences between male and female fund managers, and gender bias in mutual funds. However, not only investors suffer from biases. And today, we consider equity analysts. Biased analysts In their paper 2019 “In-Group Bias… Continue Reading →

It’s Whom You Know

In this post, we looked at the impact of prior work experience on analyst forecasts. But of course, it’s not only what you did before you became an analyst, it’s also whom you know.  This question is explore by Fang… Continue Reading →

Specialist vs. Generalist

Part of our research focuses on how experience shapes job performance in the money management industry. In the featured article, we consider experience outstide the investment industry – but does experience within the financial sector also matter? An analyst is… Continue Reading →

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