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Is Attention an End Game?

The internet has helped investors to access information about stocks more easily. We have repeatedly looked into internet searches as a proxy for attention – and on how they affect liquidity and volatility. Today, we look at the type of… Continue Reading →

Central Clearing and CDS Market Liquidity

We supervised a thesis this semester on the impact of central clearing on market liquidity for credit default swaps (CDS). In this post, we want to share the main results.

Feeling Blue on a Rainy Day? Weather and Market Makers’ Behavior

July 2017 – what a weather ride! First, temperatures up to 37 degrees Celsius in Stuttgart. Then, downpours for days on end. How did this affect you – apart from having to change plans for outings at short notice, or… Continue Reading →

Giving It Straight to Investors – Information Dissemination via Social Media Improves Stock Liquidity

In a previous post, we discussed an article than analyzes the impact of TV news on stock prices. Today, we consider a different form of information dissemination: Direct-Access Information Technology (DAIT) such as press releases through Twitter, RSS feeds, e-mail,… Continue Reading →

Speculation, Protection, or Arbitrage – Why Do Investors Trade Credit Default Swaps?

Why do investors engage in credit default swap (CDS) trading? At first glance, you would assume that the main motive is to obtain protection against default risk. But of course, a CDS is a bilateral contract: for every protection buyer… Continue Reading →

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