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Identifying Fund Manager Gender Using Demographics

Research challenges were the topic of this recent post. Today, we want to give you some insight into how you can address the challenge of identifying fund manager gender using demographics information!

Research Challenge – Identifying Fund Manager Gender

Today, we want to give you a bit of insight in our day-to-day work. In our department, we explore gender issues in asset management – check out our essential readings on the topic. The first step is, obviously, to correctly… Continue Reading →

Congratulations to Richard Thaler for being awarded with the Nobel prize in Economics 2017

US economist Richard Thaler has been awarded the Nobel prize in economics in 2017. The Royal Swedish Academy stated that Thaler receives the award “for his contributions to behavioral economics”. How does this contribution look?

With Youth Comes Risk – Fund Manager Age Affects Job Risk

Job security is of major importance for most people – and fund managers are no exception. In their influential Quarterly Journal of Economics paper “Career Concerns of Mutual Fund Managers” from 1999, Chevalier and Ellison explore whether career concerns affect… Continue Reading →

Feeling Blue on a Rainy Day? Weather and Market Makers’ Behavior

July 2017 – what a weather ride! First, temperatures up to 37 degrees Celsius in Stuttgart. Then, downpours for days on end. How did this affect you – apart from having to change plans for outings at short notice, or… Continue Reading →

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