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Identifying Fund Manager Gender Using Demographics

Research challenges were the topic of this recent post. Today, we want to give you some insight into how you can address the challenge of identifying fund manager gender using demographics information!

Research Challenge – Identifying Fund Manager Gender

Today, we want to give you a bit of insight in our day-to-day work. In our department, we explore gender issues in asset management – check out our essential readings on the topic. The first step is, obviously, to correctly… Continue Reading →

Do Female Fund Managers Manage Differently? Part 2

In a previous post, we discussed whether female fund managers differ from male managers with regard to performance and risk. The answer we gave: they don’t!

Do female fund managers manage differently?

Women and men differ in their investment behavior and risk tolerance – the psychology and economics literature has documented this difference. Consequently, women are less likely to become investors, and when they do, they choose less risky investments. But is… Continue Reading →

International women’s day – what about the mutual fund industry?

To amuse myself on the evening of international women’s day, I compiled a statistic on female fund managers. Summary: there are almost none!

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