From June 9-11, 2019, Linda Klingler attended the Infiniti Conference on International Finance at the Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow, to present her paper about the differential effect of sentiment on female and male mutual fund managers. Here’s what she had to say about it:

“The atmosphere there was great and I met many interesting researchers and got a lot of valuable feedback from an international audience. In my session, the presenters were from universities in Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and Germany. Visiting the University of Glasgow was very exciting for me, as Adam Smith, father of modern economics, is one of its most famous alumni.”

Photograph of a PhD student presenting her research

“The key note speech was held by Professor Jeffrey Wurgler, NYU Stern School of Business, about financing the response to climate change. More precisely, he and his coauthors look at the pricing and ownership structure of U.S. green bonds. Compared to ordinary bonds, the proceeds of green bonds are used for environmentally sensitive purposes only. They find that green bonds are issued with a premium compared to otherwise similar ordinary bonds.”

“Green bonds are investigated as part of impact investment. This is also a topic in our seminar in the summer term, and the topic of our department’s contribution to the Hohenheim Summer School 2019.”

Author: Linda Klingler