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Better Central? Central Clearing and Counterparty Risk in OTC Markets

What is the relation between central clearing and counterparty risk? Intuitively, it seems clear that a central clearing counterparty (CCP) improves the netting mechanism. With bilateral clearing, two trading partners can only net with one another. With central clearing, the… Continue Reading →

Big Risks with Small Price Impact – Counterparty Risk Management in CDS

Why the discussion about central clearing of credit default swap (CDS) contracts? For one thing, central clearing increases transparency. Once transactions have to go through a central clearing counterparty (CCP), the regulator can simply monitor the CCP to get an… Continue Reading →

Speculation, Protection, or Arbitrage – Why Do Investors Trade Credit Default Swaps?

Why do investors engage in credit default swap (CDS) trading? At first glance, you would assume that the main motive is to obtain protection against default risk. But of course, a CDS is a bilateral contract: for every protection buyer… Continue Reading →

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