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Investor Sentiment – An Overview

Forecasting returns is the holy grail of investment – and finance researchers are also interested in whether returns can be predicted because it tells us whether markets are “informationally efficient” (and thinking about this has been rewarded with a Nobel… Continue Reading →

Invest 2017 Stuttgart

The Invest 2017 at Stuttgart fair has finally started – and I’ve seen a few excellent student pitches. Goes to show how creative & intelligent our youngsters are! Check back again later for details & the winners…    

Market uncertainty and the FED

US interest rates affect financial markets worldwide, and we all eagerly await the Fed’s decision on target rates. The economics textbook predictions predict, and most empirical papers have documented, an inverse relation between equity prices and monetary policy decisions. But… Continue Reading →

Academy of Entrepreneurial Finance Europe and Academy of Behavioral Finance & Economics

Uni Hohenheim is proud to host the annual meeting of the Academy of Entrepreneurial Finance Europe and the Academy of Behavioral Finance & Economics in Stuttgart, March 16-17, 2017. Conference keynotes Prof. Dr. Jürgen Huber (University of Innsbruck) “Experimental Evidence… Continue Reading →

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